THE Greatest TRUE Story (Part 2)

Scripture:  Mark 4:33, 34 (NKJV) - And with many such parables He spoke the word to them as they were able to hear it.  But without a parable He did not speak to them.  And when they were alone, He explained all things to His disciples.

Jesus the Christ, during His first earthly visitation, was obviously THE Master Storyteller!  Consider His parable about a fig tree which was devoid of fruit as He points out the value God places on fruit-bearing. Souls who profess to believe on Him should have an OBSERVABLE faith! (Luke 13:6-9; James 2:18) In Luke 13:18-21  Jesus presents another parable about how God GROWS His kingdom using things which are deemed small and of little value by most people.  Imagine the One who is the Alpha and the Omega  likening the growth of His vast kingdom to a small mustard seed!  (Talk about “calling into being that which does not exist!” (Rom. 4:17) And let us not overlook His parable shared in Luke 13:22-30 which  clarifies that God’s offer of grace and mercy—just like in Noah’s day—has an expiration date!  
There is coming a time when people will diligently look for the Lord, says Isaiah 55:6, 7, seeking deliverance from Him who calls Himself “the Door of the sheep” in John 10:7, 9.   He pleads with those still “in Adam” (unbelievers) that ‘now is the accepted time; …now is the day of salvation.”  Sadly, however, because of the continual rejection by many on the broad road to perdition, many will die in their sins, trusting in their own righteousness, instead of the atoning death and resurrection of Jesus the Christ, the Sin-Bearer.  They will share the testimony of the “five  virgins,” in Matthew 25: 1-11, who received the horrible news  of “I do not know you” from the Lord.
Especially in light of the approaching holy season, let us who have been transported from darkness to light trust God for opportunities to share our testimonies of Christ’s saving grace at just the right time in our personal histories.

Prayer:  Dear Father, please stir up Your kingdom people to share our testimonies of Your great deliverance from spiritual darkness to spiritual life. Embolden us again to share the truth that Christ is the risen Savior, “who lives, and was dead, and behold {He} is alive forevermore!”—

(by Denise Diggs)

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