SCRIPTURE:  “The LORD has made everything for its own purpose,…”  Proverbs 16:4 (NASB)
     This brings me to a third lesson that our pets teach us: our ten-pound house guest possesses a heightened alertness every day for whatever’s coming down the pike.  Similarly, our Lord commands us who dwell in this antichristian world environment to watch AND pray, lest we succumb to temptation, or live as do so many others---oblivious to His promised inevitable return (Matt. 24:42-44 & 26:41)! Many, I suspect, are even doubtful of Christ’s return.

      The cat is not a presumptuous creature; he does not rely solely upon us to sound his dinner bell or to ring the bells of alarm about his safety; yet how alert have we who are made in the image of God been about what’s been taking place in our culture, educationally, politically, and socially (eg., the preservation of society’s most fundamental unit—the family—as God has defined it)?   The command to study to show ourselves approved unto God is not some casual suggestion.  If we aren’t diligent about remaining alert and aware of our God-assigned roles to be “salt and light” within the family as well as the community, how is righteousness to be promoted or exalted?  (Answer: it won’t; it hasn’t)!  Yet,  even our house kitty is ALERT AND PROACTIVE about meeting his own basic needs--- moreso than many  of us who claim to know that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the LIFE!  What are we doing with that knowledge?

      May I point out one more practice of this creature of instinct?  Have you ever noticed how a cat has “sense” enough to always POSITION himself physically and auditorily for maximum alertness regarding who (or what’s) coming and going?  (We should be so diligent when it comes to electing our leaders—on every level—from the Oval Office to the local school board president)! The  cat wants to know in which direction to RUN and how FAST, should the environment become remotely threatening!  Even at this point in history, can we afford to be less alert than a lowly house cat? Or less involved in the forenamed institutions which dictate our influence in the culture? We all know the answer.
PRAYER:  Dear Father, let us, Your kingdom people, make it our aim to be more relentless in our lives of prayer, vigilance, and  service.  The stakes are high, but the blessings, present and future,  are innumerable! Thank You, LORD.  In Jesus’ name, amen!
 By Sis. Denise Diggs


McNeal & Debora - February 8th, 2023 at 7:29am

Wonderful application. We had experienced for awhile in-home cats, but then allergies popped up, and 'Adios amigos!' We can learn from all our fellow earthlings as God has provided.

Paula - February 9th, 2023 at 5:52am

Look at the benefits we have and the lessons we can learn from these lesser companions. This should stir our hearts to praise God even more. Thanks Sis. Denise.






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