"Yisemah Adams" And The Day Of Many 'Likes'

Scripture:  John 4:37 - And herein is that saying true, One soweth and another reapeth.

One might call it serendipity, to engage the day as if ordinary and find it to unfold gloriously... but then to have the usual days characteristics, and to face them with the usual expectations of "same ol' gravy, warmed-over", as the saying goes, would be poor regard of our daily blessing. If one is not careful, even the prayer life can become rather bankrupt, becoming mechanical, done like we always do.

Summarized, albeit lazily, we might say as good lil reductionists, "I'm okay." [and what a terrible conclusion to have considering the unique and personalized dispensation of mercy and grace towards us, by God directly] That conclusion is not okay. Time to hit the 'refresh' button.

I've given our friend from the gospel of John, chapter 4, a name because as a real person, a name is suitable. The Bible hasn't named her however, so don't spin your wheels looking. I am convinced this is a report rather than a parable for its details, and nearly newsy quality: She is laboring, hot, thirsty, alone, and by appearances in more than a few ruts, to include a relational merry-go-round which has her going from one spouse to another, round and round. At the least, her life seems unsatisfying, and then to add to that, here comes this know-it-all getting all up in her business. And don't it beat all, that he is a foreigner. This Jewish guy named Jesus starts the chit-chat.

Again, biblically our friend lacks a name, but I've named her 'Adams', because, well we are all Adam's descendants, so we are all of the Adams family. [i'm tempted to go there, but I ain't gonna]

So this Jesus is parked at this well where 'Sister Adams' is drawing water for her household. Somehow it is just her and Jesus, at a place of importance for gathering, since water is an essential thing, and the well would be the spot to go to. By the account of some, within this locale that includes neighboring desert, the sixth hour as described, must have been a very hot moment within the day. The only folk likely to go then, are those perhaps seeking to avoid others. Having five prior husbands, and now a sixth man which isn't her husband, probably has kicked off a few unsavory rumors, and rather than be in the middle of the buzz, she favors the sixth hour, hot as it is.

So, Jesus asks her for water, but her surprise is that this Jewish man, is speaking to her, a Samaritan woman- already the rules separating the sexes and the ethnically foreign have been breached. The water talk to follow, at Jesus' behest, is starting to sound quite remarkable- and the idea of thirst[s] begins to evolve:

"If thou knewest the gift of GOD, and who it is that sayeth to thee Give me to drink, thou wouldest have asked of Him, and He would've given thee living water... Whosoever drinketh of this water [of Jacob's well] shall thirst again: but whosoever shall drinketh of the water that I shall give shall never thirst, but the water that I shall give shall be in that one as a well of water springing up into everlasting life... The woman saith unto HIm Sir, give me this water that I thirst not, neither come hither to draw." John 4:10,13-15

The seed of truth has been planted.

Yisemah is the Hebrew for 'thirst', and as we can see here one thirst diminishes while the other becomes more primary. May our own thirsts evolve as pursuant for the things of GOD and Him principally. Be unto us as Sabbath, Lord, even as the sixth hour draws nigh its ending. Lo, the seventh hour nears. Maranatha!

Prayer:  Thank You, Lord, and all glory and honor to You.  We pray for an evolving thirst that begins as an aching trust, that seeks You more and more; a thirst which prompts our thinking and doing to be well fitted with Your heart's desires much as a well-fitted glove to the hand.  Let our reach be so, as Your faithfulness inspires us, and as we see the legacy of Your love in the world continue to change hearts and minds, through imperfect souls like me. Your will be done, in me Lord, even this day. Bless You, Jesus. Amen.

(by Dr. McNeal Brockington)

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